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Water Damage

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Water Damage Repair
For Data Recovery only

We’ve all heard this story that, if you drop your phone in water, to shove it in a bag of rice for X amount of days. Well, unfortunately, this trick does not work. In actuality, you’re just decreasing your chances of repairing your phone.

You should take it to a repair shop immediately, whether it’s ours or another shop. A water damage treatment must be done, to remove the water in the sensitive components.

Due to the fact that water damage can be unpredictable, we would need to take a look at the phone to determine the damage.
Also, we only do this service for Data Recovery purposes. Although, we may be able to bring your phone back to life, it is likely to fail again shortly thereafter. So we recommend to upgrade to a new phone as soon as possible to avoid losing anymore data.

Please contact us anytime, if you would like to get your phone repaired or treated for water damage.

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